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How to get RSS URLs from YouTube channels and playlists

It is possible to get an RSS feed from YouTube channels and playlists, this page will provide you with the necessary details.

I've made a demonstration video for this on YouTube.

In order to find your RSS URL you need two parts, the first part, which is the common URL for channels and playlists and the second part, which is the ID of the channel or playlist The ID is the final string of numbers and letters at the end of a channel or playlist URL.

Some channels can also use a username as a suffix here. This only applies to older chnnels that have username based channel URLs. Whereas not all channels have username based URLs, all channels have a channel ID, just make sure not to confuse the username with the channel ID.

The first part

The channel ID prefix URL for RSS:

The username prefix URL for RSS:

The playlist prefix URL for RSS:

The second part

Simply add your relevant channel ID, playlist ID or username to the correct prefix above and you should have the RSS URL for your YouTube channel or playlist.


The channel ID URL:

The channel ID URL for RSS:

The username URL:

The username URL for RSS:

The playlist URL:

The playlist URL for RSS: